She said YES!

The wedding merges two separate lines into one. To two meaningless lives it assigns work and doubles the power of the individual to be able to do it. It gives people a reason to live and something worth living for.

We take care of the entire organization of the event

In the hope that the wedding day will remain unforgettable, we can take care of the entire organization of the event, ie. sound system, projector, internet connection and the like.

Together we conjure up a fairy tale

Our most popular locations are our view deck, where you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the Slovenian coast, and our wedding hall, which, in agreement with you, we furnish like a fairy tale.

We also enrich the fairytale ambience with friendly service, excellent food and live music.

Delicious and according to your wishes

Food is crucial at a wedding celebration as you need energy to celebrate long into the night.

We have already prepared a lot of suggestions for wedding menus, but we prefer to do the latter in joint agreement with the newlyweds and compile a menu according to their wishes and aspirations.

The most beautiful day of your life

If you wish, we also advise you on ideas for preparing a seating plan for guests, wedding accessories, decorating the space, preparing and making a billboard for the wedding menu, seating order for guests, preparing an aperitif when guests arrive at the location, preparing small sweet pastries, fruit buffet, a statue of fruit, a wedding cake, catering at the home of the newlyweds at the beginning of the wedding day, a selection of drinks and wine for the wedding celebration. 

Send the inquiry for wedding colsulting

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