About us

About us

Marezige is only a few kilometers away from Koper and lies in the very center of the Land of refosco. Here lies our Restaurant Karjola, which is famous for its modernity with a respite from the past. Our director Alen said, at the time of its establishment, that the wishes and needs of our guests come first.

Our locations

In the interior of our locations, the old Istrian style is complemented by the modern; the homely atmosphere in itself invites you to taste our Istrian delicacies. We have several locations available for you, among which something is just right for every aspiration.

The modern Hall with a sea view, which can accommodate 120 guests, creates a modern ambience and is suitable for a variety of occasions. The Wine cellar Karjola is considered to be the definition of rusticity, creating an unforgettable ambience with local wines; it has room for 35 guests. In sunny weather, you can also enjoy the terrace of our restaurant, where the rustic Istrian style prevails. In the summer, we also serve food at our exceptional Viewpoint, where you can enjoy a view of Koper and the entire Gulf of Trieste. Our other locations are Kanava and the Wedding Hall, which are suitable for various celebrations (anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and other). Read more about our locations HERE.

The Marezige Wine Fountain is just a few meters away from our restaurant. Here you can taste more than 30 types of wines from local winegrowers and at the same time enjoy the view of Koper and the entire Gulf of Trieste. The latter is also a great choice for celebrations, as in addition to tasting, it also offers a trip with one of the Wine Buses. More information can be found HERE.

Our offer

In our offer you can find both modern classic dishes and home-made traditional dishes, to which we have added a touch of modernity. As a cold appetizer, we recommend homemade prosciutto, sausages, and cheese. In addition to cold cuts, we also add freshly baked homemade bread. For the main course, we recommend our specialties Pjat Karjola (plate Karjola) and Krožnik Dežele Refoška (plate of the Land of refosco).

In the digital version of our menu, you can explore other local and not so domestic specialties of our cuisine. Click HERE to view the menu.